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Visual Arts


An appreciation for the visual arts takes Maumee Valley students on a journey of expression and storytelling as well as one of building skills and terminology. Students look at art, talk about art, make their own art, and visit the Wolfe Gallery, our on-site exhibition space. Maumee Valley students develop methods to communicate their ideas by experimenting with materials while focusing on design, color, composition, and nature.

Students can develop these skills in a range of mediums, from drawing, painting, and design to sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, and paper-making. Art appreciation, art history, and aesthetics are incorporated into each grade level. Students study celebrated artists in their historical context. Hands-on creation, demonstrations, lectures, stories, discussions, and guest artists are a regular part of the classroom experience.

The visual arts program culminates in a vibrant and multi-faceted experience for Upper School students. Goals of the Upper School art program include understanding the basic principles of color and design; creating works in two and three dimensions; using excellent craftsmanship and technique; critiquing artwork using appropriate vocabulary; and understanding the importance of recognizing artists from a range of cultural backgrounds and historical periods.

Available Courses

Lower & Middle School courses

  • PreK-JK art intensive (two times a year)
  • Kindergarten-6th grade: Visual art
  • 7th & 8th grade: Art 1 and Art 2 (elective)

Upper School courses

Courses offerings include Advance Color & Design; Painting & Drawing 1, 2, and 3; Ceramics & Sculpture 1, 2, and 3; AP 2D and AP 3D Intensives; Digital Photography; Chemistry of Art; and History of Painting.

wolf gallery

Wolfe Gallery

Constructed in 1991, the Wolfe Gallery was designed by world-class architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen and displays the work of Maumee Valley students and professional artists. It is a beautiful, well-lit, and open space that showcases 2-D and 3-D artwork to full advantage. For information on displaying artwork in the Gallery, contact Kristin Kowalski at


Fall musical

Millennium Theatre 1715 S. Reynolds Rd., Toledo, OH, United States